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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  February 10, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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president xi has madeisirst public appearance in days as the country tackles the coronavirus. sunday saw mo deaths than any previous day. irish politics has been turned on its head as the left-wing republicans take the biggest are of the popular vote. the prime minister ys his party will not engage in coalition talks. germany's politics suffer a shock. eth favorite to succeed angela merkel has announced she will no longer stand to be chancellor. on sunday, 97 people in china died from the coronavirus.
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that's the highestn number a single day. more than 40,000 people are infected. the number of newly infected have stabilized. the president says he is working to prevent large scale job loss but that is harder to avoid as d ea goes by. >> we were talking about the coronavirus scare in january and
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then it was very president - obvious that president xi jinting was not pren the public eye. he appointed aeputy to be the blic face. people have not really seen xi jinping. even in newspapers, you would expect to see him every day on the front cover. since the coronavirus story started, he has not been anywhere. there's speculation he has not been in the public eye because people want to criticize him. he's preparing, meeting people, being friendly, wisng people well, talking to locals about the food they areelling. it's the first time we have seen them be open. >> this virus was fst attacd it in the city of wuhan which ha s been in lockdown for weeks.
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you can see those figures going up through the last few weeks. while all of this has been are meant to be seller rating e lunar new year. we know that the -- celebrating the lunar new year. we know that it was supposed to go through the end of january. it is finished but things are a long way from normal. >> her ein sha -- here in shanghai, the commercial capital normally home to 24 million people. it was supposed to be the first day back but it was a trickle. the banks and shops remain closed. there are a small people, but clearla lot of anxiety and the numbers of those
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coming back is almost certainlyo g to be staggered. >> he has been sharing these pictures of deserted streets in beijing. -- we are required to wear masks the whole day while at work. disinfection and being careful have close contact wit people. to what extent are employers considerinallowing people not
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to come to work? >> the government hasin been te people that even if they go to work, they need to diance tmselves, to be at least a meter apart, to not eat together,ld and cn have not returned to schools yet. nta lot of pa cannot get to work because they need childcare . the parents -- companies are being sympathetic and recognizing that until this dies down, it's probab better staying home until they can go back to work. >> are we at a stage wheree e can say thsses are beginning? >> there is a bit of leeway. ere are jobsre, people nervous and trying to get back to work.
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they are trying to take risks, people are looking aten prisonnces of 10 to 15 days. >> thank you. we have heard from the world health organization. who says the fatality rate for this virus is about 2%. if expressed -- they have extessed concern about how is spreading outside china. >> inay recent we have seen some concerning instances of the transmission ofpl pwith no travel history to china, like the cases reported inrance sterday and the united kingdom today.
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the detection of this small number of cases could be the spark that becomes a bigger fire. they cannot leave without permission. the press associationin is repothat this step is being takenft someone threatened to abscond from one of c theters. we knowha the businessman contracted the virus at a conference in singapore, and nt to a ski resort in fr and the virus spread to five more people who remained in france, and then he traveled to the u.k., but nowe is being treated in isolation. that story has led t the phrase superg spreader beed in the
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nays -- in the news, wafn one patiencts more people. it is important to dtress -- it is important to stress that it is not the pient's fault as they can be showing no symptoms at all and can an advert and lay spread the virus -- and can invertently spread the virus. swis there was an event that led to more than 80 peopled being infey one person. for more on how the virus spreads, here is our reporter. >> some might be able to contract the virus more readily. soone who is infected might pass it to two or three other people. in this example, it seems to be more. it's not down to the individual, it is how the virus behaves i different people.
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how this virng is different for different people. >> next week turno ng kong and japan because cruise ship's have been in the eye of t storm. passengers leaving one ship. here they were on brd a vessel called the world dream. they have now been allowed to disembark, and that was after othorities carried out tests 1800 people and gave them the all clear. it's a yokohama because there, one cruise ship has had to be kept have been concerned among -- confirmemong passengers. ere are 3700 passengers on board and they will be held for at. least two wee after a passenger disembark at a previous stop and had tested
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sitive. in hong kong, that has not happened in the case of this phone. wuhan is now specializing in testing trying toow detect the virus works and how it is spreading. the world health organization says that being able to diagnose the disease is crucial to being able to give people the all t clear onces been tested. >> who is working with a capacity to rapidly diagnose cases. countries are in the dark as to how far and wide the virus has spread. >> for more on the difficulties of testinghe virus on board the cruise ship, here is -- jon shopkinschool of public health. >> if you have everybody at on
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time and it is possible they have been infected by the virus, they may show signs of that virus over the next two wee. teing everyone, at any moment in time, it is difficult to know whether the person is infected or not. they decide whether or not it is safe to go. ifthey decidhey can start the clock over again or for another two weeks. depending on how many people develop the infection. >> there is much more information on the coronavirus at let's move on to ireland.
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it's the first time that i left of center party has won an irish election. nearly the first time that neither of the two big parties has not come first in t history of the irish state. >> this isn't a protest vote. anybody who makes that claim has missed the entire point of this election. this election has been a drawing of the line in the sand. it's a clear message to the old two of the political establishment thatheir days of domination are over. people wt different politics, new politics, better government, and new government. >> we can certainly be sure that ch sinn fein.ercent of people
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>> the current -- ran around brexit. this meeting with bos johnson was crucial tthe last-minute deal done with the u.k. to leave the eu. that looks like it was a good bet. according to o exit poll, these are the issues that mattered the most. health first, housing and homelessness second. u have to go down hereo see is of respondents saying was a factor. the same poll found sinn feinwa a favorite of everyone up to the age of 65. irelandt has a young population of any member state in the eu. we should mention one issue that is always central to sinn fein. irish unity. fethey would like a ndum on whether the republic of ireland and northern ireland should be united the conflict in northern ireland
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should favor the political wing of the paramilitary group the ira f whichought for a united ireland. during the campaign, both ofhe other parties focused on those links with the ira. eyrgued that this made sinn fein unae to be a party power. >> i made my position very clear during the election campaign. >> but fine gael's leader isn't so categorical. >> for any government to exi b, there has -- one's position and principal does not chan overnight. the irish times economist mullally in dublin. >> ts has been in historic and
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unique election. we are in uncharted waters with regard to the kind of balance of por that sinn fein holds going into any kind of government negotiations. mary mcdonald was iniabally talking t reaching out to left-wing parties to see if they can form a coalition. the numbers don'tr look very clr that. whether the rivals we don't real between them will fall. orov whether the outnment and this government will go together or whether no government will be ford and it goes back to the electors. this electi i an echo of the economic crash end of the recession. i think fine gael came to power to clean up that mess.
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at is transpired is the subsequent policies have not been to the electorate's liking. there is a lack of supply and housing and despite the outbound assistance, they were doing thei best but people were not feeling it on the ground. that combined with health service not working to people's liking. sinn fein has capitalized on that and they have fille this where people wanted to see change. >> next week turned to australia because sydney is beings hit by itheaviest rain in 30 years. we will bring you up-to-date on that and what it means for the bushfires in australia.
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a new investigation into the deaths of theda british m is children who drowned in a hotel pool in spain on christmashaeave s taken place. >> we are seeing thdiving the end of his testing. there is team of engineers here. a judge looking at the final conclusion has allowed more tests. they are challging the initial reports saying there was possibly negligence involved. one focus is on the cleaning system which gives pssure to the suction system. if it was switched on at the eme the children were in water, it could be a force pulling them down. theyre examining four cctv cameras in the footage which was not submitted in the original report. ey will submit that and tell whether or not there was any
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negligence in this case. >> we are here in the bbc news route. president xi jinping has madee his first public appearance since the announcement of the coronavirus. on sunday, 97 people werkilled by the infection. another class between syrian and turkish troops that ended in syria. eene turkish forces have killed. they're announcing aaj m advancement foainst rebel es. inrasite has become the first foreign lwhich movie ever to win best picture at the oscars. -- foreign language movie ever to win best picture at the oscars.
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a big moment for german politics. the strong favorite was to succeed angela merkel in 2021. >> as far as i'm concerned this has no impact. i was inty the pareader and i will remain the party leader. what i have said is i will not run for chancellor but the situation has not changed. >> a lot has changed she will step down once a successor is selected. this is a big blow for her party. we hav pictures from the our cry -- archive where kr amp_karrenbauer won the leadership vote. since then she has become known as mini-merkel.
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here is the reaction from angela merkel tay. >> i regard her decision with it. utmostespect but i regret i think it wasn't easy for her to do this and i think it must -- andhank her for staying ss ofrough the pro choosing successor. >> akk announces she will hand over the chairmanship by the summer. she says the debacle last wee was a tremor and now comes the aftershock. he's talking about the rht of cetner party in. germa this man from the liberal ftt party became state prinl minister butwith able to do so from the far right aft party. here's the ftp in hye -- in
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yellow, ey got 5%. they worked with the far-right. the ramifications have been playg out. where annegret kramp-karrenbauer comes in, it broke a long-standing policy of her party with n voting in sync th the far right. here is annegret kramp-karrenbauer again. ke the afd stance against everything that up the cdu. any move weakens the cdu. i stand for a cduhat rejects any kind of cooperation with the afd. the nationals party' executive has underlined this today. >>e m of her colleagues did noalign with tha point. afk's inability to control the marginalized portions of her
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party is one reason she is going.>> one of them were a serf off-colos about transgender people to cater to her conservative base. those went out badly with voters. the main gaf was the reaction of the party to a critical video from a famous youtuber who accuse the christian democrats of being out of touch and unable to win over younger voters. her reaction to that video confirmed in many people's eyes that the party and herself are out of touch with voters. bushfires in austred some of the sydney has experienced its heaviest rainfall in 30 years. that wasnough to deal wit two massive bushfires. here we are showing you the scale. 200 people were rescued by emergency services over the weekend. the level of flooding explains
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wh. thisat is sympt of the volume of rain that came down. there were problems elsewhere. western australia is dealing cyclone damien.ath of tropical if you want a sense of how much it rained in sydney, this is how ch it rains on average in february and this is how much it rained over four days. saying this is the most positive news we have had in some time. the recentain forces putting out fires that have been burning for weeks or months. they shared this image of a happy firefighter, arms in the air, and these are the fires that have been put out.
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i havehese pictures from the mountain fire. it has been burning since october, and was considered a mega blaze that was too big to put out. it destroyed a similarndmount of landore than 700 homes. tehre ar -- there are still fires burning in new south wales. fire services estimating about 30 continued to burn but more rain is expected, and those could be put out too. another positive outcome is that water supplies have been replenished. asou can see here, it is up 60% full, 7% in a week. you can see the differences
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beforehand on the water beginning to rise as the ran. has come dow the heavy rains have caused disruption and damage in sydney and that is bringing problems of its own. >> about 100,000 homes are without power. we know that some schools have been closed. trains and ferries have been delayed and we know that streets everywhere in the city have been drenched from the suburbs and the west to narrator: funding for this presentation is made possible by... man: babbel, an online program developed by language specialists teaching spanish, french and more narrator: funding was also provided by... the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum-kovler foundation. pursuing solutioa' for amerneglected needs. and by conions to this pbs station from viewers like you, thank you.
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